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Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets


Edinburgh Military Tattoo tickets

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets

Whether you live in the city or are one of the hundreds of thousands of visitors who descend upon the Scottish capital every year for the Edinburgh festival a must see event is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Second only to the Fringe element of the festival the Scottish Military Tattoo is so popular that tickets for the August long event often sell out well in advance. So book you Edinburgh Military Tattoo tickets today, and don't miss out on the spectacle.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo 

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a tradition that stretches back to the War of Austrian Succession. Performed today by British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and International Military bands, the Tattoo was actually developed as a way to signal tavern owners to shut off their taps so that the enlisted men would stop drinking and get a good nights sleep for the following mornings drills. Today the Edinburgh Military Tattoo is performed mostly for show – and what a show it is. Over the years soldiers from all over the world have been invited to take part and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo has drawn a following of 100 million people viewing on televisions in 30 different countries.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Seats

Despite the building of a new 16 million pound seating section to handle the growing demand, and the fact that the tattoo is growing in popularity, it can still be hard to get your hands on Edinburgh Military Tattoo tickets for dates that you are visiting the city. Thankfully, no matter where you are, you can check the listings on our site for great deals on available tickets. We have scoured the Internets tops ticket resellers for great deals on Edinburgh Military Tattoo tickets.


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